Publications in various media

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When we first think of content publishing, we think of a print. At least a PDF.

Printing is a rigorous discipline, the layout must be perfect. Typography, hyphenation and ordering, everything must be thought in one direction: the contents must be easily accessible and the appearance neat. This becomes definitive when you print several thousand copies.

We always start with the medium that requires the most rigorous content management and then focus on the other publication formats.

Then we think about online help, a website. Finally, there is internal and external training and documentation, after-sales support published in an ERP, in various proprietary formats.

The publication of online articles or training courses does not require the same rigorous layout, but is based on a well-established structure. Short articles, targeted for example for a trained technician who does not want background information, but wants to know immediately the tightening torques and the appropriate tools.

Depending on the target audience and the medium

The publication, according to the medium and whom you are addressing, is therefore not the same. Yet the information is overwhelmingly the same.

Often, the focus is on the marketing material, the handbook and the instructions. Then, the training or the knowledge base of the company dedicated to the after-sales service is treated separately.

The result is a multitude of documents that become difficult to maintain. Sessions multiply, and while regulatory affairs is a key link in the publishing chain, so are validations.

Separation of content and layout

Based on clearly separated content and layout, we offer PDF or web publications, exports in various proprietary formats.

In this way, the same validated content is published identically for all media.

Content can be written and translated. It can also be videos, renderings or decimated 3D (greatly reduced in size and with dimensions removed).

publication multi supports

A comprehensive and well-proven experience

For several years we have been working with different tools. XML editors, Word, Sharepoint, Alfresco and our own developments.

This has enabled us to design “platform” tools that exchange data, sometimes requiring serious reverse engineering efforts (how the software we are going to work with operates). We also designed our own tools for content capture and management, transformation and publishing.

Transparent collaboration

This expertise guarantees you the best possible choice and collaboration with your or our content publishing providers – printers, web designer.

It ensures that you optimize your structuring, storage and collaboration processes so that your content is always published in the best light, regardless of the medium.

Choosing your providers

We work with a variety of partner companies. Printers specializing in luxury or mass printing on a variety of substrates – paper, but also documents that require extra strength in the shop or in the field. Marketing companies, who are entrusted with reports or commercial documents. Web companies, who publish on websites, but also various social networks.

This way we can be the single point of contact for our customers. We act as a hub and adapt storage formats, tools and develop systems for targeted extractions for specific systems – embedded aids, ERP integration. We also assist companies in the partial or complete redesign of their publishing models. Once the problems have been solved, we dialogue with and train key users who work autonomously and make practices evolve within their companies.