Publish on multiple media and cut your costs

Publish content in different formats, determine who will consult which information and work upstream to reduce publishing costs.

When I invite friends over on Sundays, I find it harder and harder to know what to serve them. Some are vegetarians, some can’t tolerate gluten, one likes to have a nice, well set up plate and one more eats with chopsticks!

I have literally “taken it upon myself” to satisfy each of them with one dish per person.  What about the dressing ? in the style of a starred chef ? Don’t even go there!

My solution to spend a convivial Sunday is a copious common base: rice for instance. Some meat for the carnivores, separate vegetables and so on in separate containers. I take great care that each element is clearly identified and is presented with style.

I serve each one separately and even manage to set up a nice-looking plate because I have more time in my hands.

What does this have to do with publications? Almost everything in terms of preparation and presentation.

publication multi supports

Publishing in different formats with the same source of content makes sense and reduces the risk of human error.

Paper, PDF, web, Android and virtual reality

Preparing a document for printing has historically been done using specific tools, often the strongholds of Apple brand enthusiasts.

Let’s take “Indesign” as an example, which allows for careful formatting, detects that the images are of sufficient quality, adds the cutting lines, the overhangs and we can even choose the machine on which we are going to produce (in concrete terms, its standard: Fogra for example).

Preparing a web publication according to the company’s needs requires other software. Moodle, WordPress, Deamweaver and many others do not need advanced formatting, it is simpler and often managed by a style sheet (CSS for connoisseurs).

Next comes the myriad of reports made with “Word” or “Libreoffice”. Technical documents in “FrameMaker”, “LaTeX” and many others.

In short, not only do I have Vegans at the table (I have nothing against Vegans!) but they also want bamboo plates and eat with chopsticks…

In practice, I’m going to take my colleague designer’s document in Word, extract part of the content and process it in FrameMaker to make a PDF manual. Then I’ll cut my manual into smaller sections and put them into Moodle. This is a concrete and true example.

Virtual reality, a real head of state’s meal

Let’s also talk a little bit about virtual reality and related applications. This time we have invited the Federal Council (or a head of state) to our table. We will have to pre-process our 3D design files (tessellation, reorganisation) and go through procedure after procedure to retain only the steps and not the written content… Very protocolary.

We will therefore apply the same procedure as in the kitchen. Unless we do it over and over again, with all the risks of human error that this entails, remains an interesting option – in that case i wish you the best of luck!

The chosen solution is to store the different elements of our documentation in separate files (rice, pasta, vegetables). We will then identify them precisely (what we call our items): methods office, maintenance procedure, machine, internal component identifier.

We will then assemble them correctly according to our readers and our publication vector: user instructions, French, professional printing.

I see my rice, vegetables and meat in front of me. I carefully put them together on the same plate – I heat my plate for the “gourmet”. Here, I select in a given software (depending on the company and its needs: XMetal, MadCap Flare, ST4) my articles, I order them and publish them with cutting marks and a dictionary of French caesuras. I thus obtain a high-resolution PDF document resembling line for line what “Indesign” would have allowed me to do.

This example is surely simplified – a little – but in practice, with experience, it is pretty close to reality. If you don’t have “Indesign” experience, you should know that mastering it is much more time-consuming than using our business tools.

The printer, the developer and the project manager

In our day-to-day lives, having the time and means to act on the substance and prepare its data structure is often simply not possible right away.
Making sure that you address yourself with the right level of language (not too technical for the user, precise and succinct for the technician) is not possible either.

So today I have 12 guests arriving on an empty stomach!
Finally, I have several reprints to do and a “under construction” online help.

We can intervene immediately. We have an extended network of partner printers and can quickly identify what might be blocking a document to be printed.
We also have excellent development skills (object, web, multi-platform).
You don’t want to live a kitchen nightmare? I think we can put out the burning pots and pans right away …

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