The great advantages of virtual reality

There are many of them! The products are neatly arranged and conform to reality.

They are not just a photograph and can be grasped and manipulated.

The user finds himself in an environment as adapted as possible to the context: realistic workshop, factory, “cosi” showroom. In this instance, we chose a sober room with a large work surface. It could perfectly reflect a room in a building of a regional company.

When I took the helmet off I thought I was still in the room. The quality and fluidity bluffed me.

entrusted us with our “tester”.

No need for explanation. You touch the objects, so to speak.

The experiment continues with a step-by-step dismantling procedure. The technician or the customer can also follow the procedure or explanations on the TV set in front of him. Pause the video, rewind it.

Showroom, explications, training

We had already realised interactive procedures, complete environments. We are now able to offer real virtual “manuals”.
We can carry out a procedure as well as an assembly simulation, step by step, by manipulating each component of the product.

These are the words of our 3D manager, whom we congratulate for having shared – with the whole team – this “bluffing” moment.

Easy implementation

Virtual reality requires a high-performance machine, a quality helmet and sensors to make the experience pleasant.

Our environment “unfolds” in 10 minutes, shown in hand, in a room of about 30 square metres.

The sensors are installed, the computer is connected and the cabling is laid; a short explanation and off you go.

The customer, technician or learner simply walks around the room.

This short video is the representation of a small “walk” in a virtual showroom by a user wearing a virtual reality helmet.
The visitor starts by switching on the light… it’s quite simple, but don’t we do it in “real life”?

He sees a video explaining a maintenance process being played on a television’s screen.

Finally, he grasps the device in question and sees that he can operate it, turn it around and carry out procedures.

Who is concerned by virtual reality?

All trades that wish to explain, present and promote their products: watchmaking, machine tools and medical.

But also all those who wish to show their new infrastructure, a house, a flat, a kitchen.

You have 2D plans of your new factory in Geneva and would like to show it to your German partner. He cannot move.
Well he will be able to do it without any problem – even if it is not yet built!

You have a 2-ton machine tool and cannot exhibit it at the next fair. Offer its discovery in your own virtual stand!

Your new movement looks great, but you only have a prototype. Our amazingly high quality renderings will make it work and even let you discover it in detail.