Technical writing

Rédaction technique - les outils du rédacteur technique

Technical writing is a discipline unto itself. A technical writer must be a good communicator and popularizer and have appropriate, proven technical training.

Like most professions, technical writing is based on rational processes.
A technical writer must satisfy objectives in a reproducible and predictable manner.

Technical writing, in which the technical writer plays an essential role, makes it possible to render content related to a product in accordance with the needs of users, practitioners and technicians.

It necessitates different media. They are adapted according to the level of expertise and the position of the target audience – trainer, future customer, fitter, technician or end user.

Content tailored to readership

The technical writer adapts his or her words to each audience. To do this, he uses the communication resources of writing, illustrations or animation. He never loses focus on the marketing dimension of the content produced. In order to improve sales and build customer loyalty, each communication medium is a marketing tool.

Logic and creativity

Creativity and logic go hand in hand, just like in many other disciplines like architecture or computer development. This is essential in the day-to-day life of a technical writer.

He must imperatively take into consideration the needs of the consumers of his content and the company’s means.
He must demonstrate rigorous project management.

His ability to create clear content must be proven.

Rédaction technique - des contenus adaptés

An industrial process

Ultimately, it is essential that it follows an industrial production process so that its contents are valued according to their right potential.
Valuing content implies that it be designed in a way that is adapted to the end user. It must be versioned, archived and structured so that it can be easily identified.

Content must be reused wisely, without needless rewriting.