virtual & augmented reality

Based on the complex assemblies of our customers, we have developed applications that can be run on a smartphone.
Not only to choose the look of a sedan, but also to interact with the product.

Product presentation

A simple first approach is to present the product and its benefits in a context that is pleasing to the prospective customer. Using a smartphone and an inexpensive, adapted headset, a presentation previously based on technical data sheets or an in situ demonstration can take place remotely, directly at the customer’s home.

Your product directly at your future customer

With a tablet or a smartphone, it can make your product appear in its real dimensions directly on the future production site. Augmented reality consisting of inlaying realistic images directly onto what the device is shooting relies on accessible and powerful sets of development libraries.

We have seen the popularity of these technologies with the public with Pokémon GO for example.

Outstanding possibilities

Beyond the presentation, imagine that your customer has such a headset on his premises. A failure occurs, he should dive into the manual.
You and I often start by downloading the manual from the vendor’s website.

An interesting alternative: your customer opens an application (downloaded along with the manual), turns on his headset.
He is immediately in front of his virtually represented machine. The procedure he is looking for takes place before his eyes. He can turn around the product, grab the part in question, move it, do the procedure himself.

He will not have wasted time and will have understood the procedure more instinctively. Immersed in this universe for a few minutes, he will have found himself in your “virtual” premises.
Getting a customer to come back to present your other products at your place is often quite delicate, going to his place to present an explanation is often impossible.
He will have just done it and he will have enjoyed the experience.

Communication technique Réalité Virtuelle

Easier understanding

Although fun, this technology is proving to be extremely practical and ergonomic. It is taking over in the industrial fields.
Understanding is much faster than when we have to imagine a context of use.

Translations are reduced to their simplest form, since the products are ultimately in front of the customer.  Both for their presentations, uses, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Advanced and very affordable technologies

Facebook has acquired Oculus. This manufacturer of 3D headsets that are far more advanced than a simple smartphone offers some of these wireless products for a few hundred francs.
When you present your products, chances are you take your laptop with you.

With this technology and a wifi router, you replace your PowerPoint with a large-scale demo.
Set up takes no longer than turning on a beamer and the effect is guaranteed!