Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

What are the opportunities offered by technical communication?

Technical communication refers to strategies used to convey complex information about technical services, products, systems or processes to targeted audiences.

It involves various forms of communication, including specialized information and instructional materials for technical and scientific articles. Examples include computer hardware and software, manufacturing or research equipment.

Technical communication is a practice-oriented field that emphasizes detailed, relevant and informative writing. It requires analytical, research, and design skills, as well as knowledge of the editing and publishing processes.

technical communication

Technical communication is an integral part of fields such as scientific research, security issues, science and medical policy, and computer software.

Examples of technical communication include:

    • operating instructions for a particular technological device or apparatus
    • brochures that explain particular mechanisms
    • technical data sheets
    • instructions on how to solve a technical problem
    • internal resources such as online wikis and training programs that help employees during onboarding

Because of the many ways in which technical communication is used in various fields, technical communication professionals perform a wide variety of tasks, including technical writing/editing, instructional design, training, translation, information architecture, user experience design, document design, and more.

Technical writers, documentation specialists, and other graphic design professionals use technical communication strategies to create a range of detailed informational products, including, not only the examples described above, but also technical project documents, product catalogs, product release notes, scientific journal articles, reference guides, and other forms of content used to convey technical information to internal and external audiences.

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